About us

Profile of Two Hoots CEO Jo Ucukalo

I’m Jo Ucukalo, leader of the Two Hoots team – a passionate bunch of problem solvers. We’re all about empowering people to improve their daily lives.

I’ve had a range of jobs from Civil Engineer to Flight Attendant. But when friends and family were asking for my help with their complaints, I realised that people needed my help. I’ve learnt that lots of Australians don’t know how to complain, they lack the time and persistence or they don’t have the skill required. So Two Hoots was established and I became the Complaint Whisperer.

Two Hoots delivers you independent, unbiased information about things you buy and experience every day. We provide useful tips and advice for you to make better choices before you buy or when dealing with a complaint.

I help you get a ‘fair go’ by sharing my tips and insider knowledge for avoiding and getting quick results to everyday problems you encounter.

Please reach out to me if you’ve got any tips, feedback or suggestions.